The New Age of Media is Here


Trevor Roberts: Trevor brings a wide range of creative, business, and networking skills to the table. He can fill just about any production or business role FS needs him to. Trevor is an idea machine when it comes to creating. Outside of FS he is an actor, writer, and comedian, giving him the skills to get inside the heads of characters as he is writing for Falling Squares. He also has a foot in the action sports world and hopes to stretch Falling Squares into that world as well with photo and video. 

Jordan Holt:  Jordan graduated from Hood College with a degree in Communications. As our Project Coordinator, he will work with you to find out how the services we provide will best fit your needs. He also is involved with content creation, writing, production, editing, and directing. His edgy style characterizes the base of what Falling Squares was built upon and can be seen in his works.

Austin Burns:  Austin is an actor, director, cinematographer, photographer, editor and all around movie buff.  Austin's experience as an actor is a part of what makes him so great as a director/cinematographer.  He has a degree in Electronic Media and Film from Towson University.  Austin lends his creativity to many aspects of Falling Squares from directing to cinematography and editing. "As a founder I believe in the potential of this company, we have some extremely creative people with us."